Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in mobile app development in 2018


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Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development in 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only a topic of discussion for the innovators in the science field but also a topic of exploration and expansion in the business industry, specifically the mobile app industry. And it is worth noting that AI is not just limited to Google’s Assistant or Apple’s Siri anymore, it is growing much more than that and 2017 seem to be the year when we will see mobile app developers integrating more of artificial intelligence in their apps.

But before we get started with where AI trends are going and how much the technology is anticipated to progress in 2017 and subsequent years, let’s first at least know what the term “Artificial Intelligence” actually implies. After all, the term is being tossed and used so often in the industry and otherwise, one often wonders what exactly is Artificial Intelligence.

Well, it is typically a machinery, system, technology or computer that solve the problems and perform tasks which are otherwise done using the human intellectual abilities. In simpler words, you don’t have to really sit and type the commands to the computer or machinery that you want to do the job. It will perform the job itself by using the combined capabilities of machine vision, machine learning, knowledge management and natural language processing. And that’s the beauty of it – the system can seem to have its own intelligence which does not need any repeated programming and can adapt itself to provide the results even when it is being consistently being exposed to new data.

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